Dholee is comprised of talented and professional entertainers, who strive to create a unique ambient atmosphere at your venue and event. Dholee embraces all types of music genres and is perfectly suited for all crowds (both Eastern and Western) so that everyone is in the party mood and eager to hit the dance floor!

Dholee has been around for over 10+ years however, formally established in 2010, Dholee has the experience and ability to cover all of your entertainment needs. Our high quality and professional services are guaranteed to have you tapping away as we bring the "X-factor" unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Whether it is your very special occasion to that local weekly event, Dholee has it covered. Collaborating with many big names in the entertainment industry, Dholee not only offers fantastic pulsating Dhol players, but also has live musicians and dancers (Bhangra/Bollywood/Garba) readily available for your cocktail hour to wedding festivities

A tailor-made package for each event will ensure that your occasion will never be forgotten! With our sheer passion for live music and entertainment along with our love for performing, you will certainly know you have been exposed to the Dholee experience!


Outstanding Reputation

There is no other live-musician and wedding service group that has operated, here in the Northeast area, longer than us. For the past 12 years we have amassed an outstanding reputation for our service, quality, and consistent excellence. The numerous customer evaluations we receive every year is a true testament to our outstanding quality and work ethic.

Attitude, Friendliness & Performance

We will match our experience, with your specific needs, to make your event memorable and fun for everyone. We will come to your reception with a friendly, outgoing, and caring attitude. Our team is mature, highly experienced professionals who maintain a charismatic, but non-showy appearance.. We are not suggesting that our team members are boring but they most certainly are not obnoxious! We provide our service with a fun, yet professional approach that is both tasteful and entertaining at the same time.

Excellent & Friendly Personal Service

We pride ourselves in excellent personal service, if you read some of our testimonials you will see that our customers concur. We are here to assist you by phone Monday – Sunday and rarely will you get a phone recording when you call, but if you do, your call will be promptly returned. We also answer emails 7 days a week so we are always accessible to you.


From pots and pans in the kitchen to dholkis, dhols, and the tabla, Amit has always been a natural percussionist. From a young age, his Ustads taught him the fundamentals of timing, rhythm and control, serving as the solid foundation of an exceptional musician.

As a child, Amit learned the tabla from his father, a novel percussionist, and gained the priceless principals and structure of classical Indian music. While serving as his father’s disciple, Amit’s vision on Indian music widened and a surge of knowledge was gained.

As Amit grew older, his youth took him towards a more contemporary instrument, the dhol. He learned the dhol for numerous years, and throughout his high school and university days, Amit took advantage of all musical opportunities that came his way, spreading his love of Indian music. Not only has he performed and held workshops at a number of schools, Amit also became the Dholi for numerous competing Bhangra teams: Boston Bhangra, Mera Punjab, and Northeastern Bhangra.

Amit’s musical influences range from DCS, Malkit Singh, Balwinder Safi, Master Saleem, Jonny Kalsi, and Zakir Husain to Karsh Kale, Yanni, and AR Rahman. As an experienced and passionate Dholi, Amit has built strong relationships with fellow Dholis, DJs, promoters, and others within the Indian music industry in North America. Performing in clubs, weddings, parties, and charity events all over the US and Canada, Amit had just begun his music career.

From the moment he was first introduced to the instrument to this day, Amit continues to have an unparalleled love and excitement for playing the dhol. The creativity, dedication and energy put into each performance has raised the bar in the industry and continues to evolve with the unique trends in Indian music. With pure passion for performing and creating innovative entertainment, while bringing non-stop energy and a smile to everyone's’ face, Dholee was born. As Amit always says, “Hit it loud, hit it proud!”

Email : amit@dholee.com


Growing up in a heavily musical family, it was evident that as Jas got older he would follow suit. At an early age, Jas was surrounded by music. Playing tabla at his local Gurdwara since a youngster, Jas has always been in the spotlight.

Picking up the dhol was a breeze for Jas, having the fundamentals and anatomy of beats pat down, the dhol posed no challenge for him. Building a reputable name in the industry at a very early age, it was apparent that Jas was the go to man for majority of the DJ’S and wedding planners in the Chicago land area.

Not one to shy away from new opportunities, Jas found himself playing the dhol alongside some of the biggest names in the industry such as Juggy D, Bikram Singh, Dr. Zeus and RDB in some of the most famous nightclubs in Chicago. Not only that but, in his senior year of high school, Jas found himself playing with some of the best collegiate bhangra teams across the United States from colleges such as Drexel and Purdue University.

Jas draws from a diverse field of influences from legendary musical artists such as; Ustad Tari Khan Sahib, the late Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, A.R. Rehman, Mehndi Hassan, Ustad Lal Singh Bhatti and more. With that said, if your Looking for a DRUMBELIEVABLE experience?, then look no further. With 17 years of percussion experience, having partnered with household names in the music industry and playing at venues as intimate as a private backyard ceremony and as extravagant as the United Center- Jas has a track record for using the latest beats to create an enthusiastic, positive, and lively atmosphere for his clients and can't wait to do the same for you.

Email : jas@dholee.com